Andy Howlett – Copyright 2022

Dan Sharp is a young man in his early 30s living outside of Philadelphia.  He works the phones at a large financial services firm, helping customers accomplish various securities transactions, and volunteers as a youth baseball coach.  

Dan’s ordinary life comes to an end one day in October 2019 when a shadowy organization begins extorting him for information, threatening his safety and those of his loved ones.  Over the next few days, a disaffected law firm IT director, a zealous FBI agent and her talented team, an operative of the Chinese Communist Party, and many others cross paths to determine his fate.  Facing pressure from all sides, Dan must figure out a way to give his tormentors what they want while at the same time keeping his illegal activities a secret.  By the end of the story, Dan will have to decide whether he can trust the FBI as he is thrust into a counterespionage scheme meant to uncover a shadowy plot to influence an upcoming election.

SPEARPHISH (approx. 88,000 words) is a modern thriller that explores the interplay of technology, finance, and espionage.  Told from the perspectives of multiple characters, the story moves quickly over the course of only a few days as the stakes quickly ratchet up with each chapter, culminating in a final showdown.

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